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when a fandom you’re not in gets an update you don’t care about


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On The Run Tour: Paris

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i fucking hate my dad


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make me choose  officialtwiglet asked:

briarcliff or Miss Robichaux’s Academy

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American Horror Story: Freak Show

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Tim Minear, Dante Di Loreto, Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, Denise Martin, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, and Naomi Grossman | PaleyFest 2013 Honoring ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ 

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American Horror Story: Freak Show - Teaser #12 “Twisted Swinger”

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Twisty is made infinitely more intimidating given Lynch’s stature. “I have a physical presence that has to be dealt with,” the 6-foot-3 character actor told BuzzFeed News on set. And that impact is only exacerbated by elaborate makeup and costume. “People are honestly terrified of me,” he said with a laugh of how the cast and crew have reacted to him on set. “Just standing around in the makeup, not even filming. They’re freaked out.”

Lynch, who doesn’t enjoy watching horror movies (“I walked out of The Exorcist,” he admitted), said he was drawn to the character after Murphy explained, in detail, why his clown is so twisted.

“His actions are horrific, but his motives are really strangely, oddly pure. And that’s what is most human and most disturbing about it,” Lynch said. “As an actor, I’ve given up judgement of evil, as long as it’s human evil — we have to see ourselves for what we really are, and we’re capable of horrific things. I don’t intend to advocate for the horrific characters, but I hope they reflect humanity at its most vicious because we need to really look at ourselves and see it. Otherwise, we’re deluding ourselves into thinking we’re not capable of it. I know that I’m capable of doing anything that I’ve done as any character I’ve played. I’m grateful I’m not drawn to doing it, so I haven’t done it, but I’m capable.”

He added, “You can have the most wonderful motives for what you do, but if what you do harms other people, you’re fooling yourself. I hope that’s what people get out of [this character]. If it terrifies people, I’m OK with that — this show is called Horror Story after all — but I hope they see a reflection of their own lives. Even if it means they need to look at what they’re actually doing, not what they think they’re doing.”


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I love my skin!

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Talk dirty to me
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Talk dirty to me

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This horse is too slow, we’re always this close.

 almost, almost, w e ’ r e  a  f r e a k  s h o w.

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